Competency Mapping(SC-MAP)

The competencies are required to be matched with the current and future goals. Therefore, we begin with understanding your business and supply chain objectives and key strategic initiatives so as to address the current as well as future competency gaps.

Having got a fair idea about the business and supply chain, we get down to analyze organization structure and job descriptions to identify the key results areas and the activities performed. In case the detailed job descriptions are not detailed enough we conduct interviews of the incumbent, the managers and other stakeholders so that we do not miss out important aspects of the job.

The KRAs are mapped with our standard competency matrix (SC-MAP) that defines the expected abilities, knowledge and skills. The KRAs and identified competencies are validated and refined through extensive process of interviewing, shadowing the person and going through the key information handled or produced. As part of refinement, the overlapping competencies are combined and superfluous competencies are removed. The final competency map contains critical few and high impact competencies ready to be used for learning & development, hiring, lateral movements or promotions.

Click here for a sample competency definition.



Competency map integrates the key activities, best practices and KPIs related to the job role to the competencies required to perform the activity effectively and efficiently. The output of the exercise is the single-page snapshot of competencies per job roles, making it simple enough to comprehend and act upon.