Education, certifications and trainings are important for finding the right people for the right job. However, they do not guarantee that an individual will perform to the desired level of standards. Defining pertinent skills, attitude and behavior that employees need to demonstrate on the job is necessary not only in selecting the right individuals for a job but also for developing them for the future challenges and roles.

We follow a proven 3-step approach for talent management i.e. Map, Assess and Develop Competencies. If needed, we go a step before and define the Job Descriptions as well. As no two businesses, organizations, roles are alike, therefore, we spend enough time in understanding the business goals, challenges and value proposition to be able to build business outcome driven programs. The end result of the approach is the visible and measurable improvements in the competencies that meet the business requirement.

Done once, it builds a framework for ongoing initiatives of competency based hiring, appraisals, promotions and development. As the business moves the framework can be updated and aligned with a minimal effort.


A phased approach that allows assimilation and application of knowledge and learning is followed for the meaningful impact. The entire program is divided into logical modules and the gap between the modules is utilized for assessment, on the job projects, coaching & mentoring and evaluation of the outcomes. This approach leads to a high degree of engagement and ownership on the part of employees, trainers and the client's organization.