"Supply Chains compete, not companies" is not just a maxim but a proven fact. In today's fast changing and global marketplace, companies are constantly striving to find ways to become and to stay competitive. However, the competition landscape is changing faster than one can imagine and so are the supply chains. Then why shouldn’t the capabilities of people who manage and operate the supply chains? Or else, organizations may run the risk of making their most valuable resource the weakest link in the endeavor for business success.

Often, a cookie cutter approach is adopted to address the competency gaps that backfires as every organization is different and has varied needs that change with time. Therefore, we at Advanchainge, treat every client differently and use holistic approach to address competency gaps over a period of time. We engage with you at an early stage of competency mapping and deliver a comprehensive development program that includes the assessments, training, coaching on live projects to achieve visible and sustainable results.

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